A unique punks project fusing the original NFT project (CryptoPunks) with the physical realm. When a CryptoPunk is sold, a machine will live stream itself physically drawing a community voted generatively styled version of the punk. Embedded NFC chips within the physical pieces are cryptographically linked back to your NFT and stored on the permaweb. Find out more

Live Stream

Plotting hours are between 6PM — 12PM UTC / 2PM — 8PM EDT / 11AM — 4PM PDT. Check our Twitter and Discord for official updates. Plotter on a coffee break? Wake him up via the Discord channel.

The Collection

Below is what has been plotted and added to the collection thus far. There are 26 happy owners of 52 PlottedPunks. Join the Discord channel and follow the project on Twitter to be notified of the next plotting drop.

collection by Paul Price

made with and (a lot of!) 0s and 1s